Website Development

Full range of website development solutions

Globally, the fastest growing media segment today is the internet and your website is your primary interface with this powerful and dynamic medium.  Not only do websites provide customers with information on your company and products, but they also serve as a powerful sales and marketing tool. In today’s instant-access world, the first place a potential customer will go to learn about your company is the Internet.  A well-designed site is essential to an integrated marketing strategy. If you have solid services and a great reputation, beautiful products, great packaging and collateral, but your website is awkward or not an integrated element in your overall program, you are damaging the brand equity you have worked so hard to build. The bottom line is giving visitors and customers something to do, interact and a good reason to come back. Incorporating customised functionalities such as   ecommerce, knowledge dissemination, personalised tools, information sharing, opportunity to ask questions, give opinions, criticize, tell you about themselves, respond to ideas, participate, obtain special promotions, enjoy value added services  and access the site with password protected privileges – all this and more add up to a complete interactive web experience for your customers.

We provide solutions for all levels of functionality and needs. From a start-up website design to a promotional website to a visually appealing interactive Flash website, a large-scale E-commerce website, or a full-blown enterprise level website. We work with you to identify your requirements, goals, target audience and competition and then create a website that best suits those objectives. We specialize in developing websites using combination of technologies such as XHTML, PHP, ASP.Net, Flash, Silver Light, Ajax, JQuery, XML, Java Script . Our expertise also includes developing open source Content Management

platforms, including WordPress, Sitefinity, Sharepoint, Concrete5 and Drupal to provide a tailored solution that best meets your unique needs. In addition to a 3rd party solution, Synergy also provides fully custom coded CMS solutions for highly specialised business needs.


If you are already online and looking to develop your website further or simply improve it to the latest we standards, we will help you do that and stay ahead of your competition. Our website maintenance services can help you keep your website content fresh and new. This may mean addition and modification of website content, Image manipulation and addition, shopping cart product updates, update announcements, articles, newsletters etc.