Research & Consulting

Our clients work with us in a variety of ways. Sometimes we handle the whole process, from concept, research and planning to creative and implementation. At other times, we perform specific services such as research projects on various critical issues that form the foundation of the client’s marketing strategy. We also work with clients on a consulting basis only, to evaluate their current marketing communications plan or to develop a new one.

It is possible that we may not know it all. But, we do know how to tap into powerful research resources to resolve complex problems business problems or to develop innovative solutions.  Who needs your product? What differentiates it from its competition? What are the buying habits of your target audience? Who, specifically, should we be talking to? How should your product/service be positioned? We’ll find out, and use the answers as a base for developing marketing and advertising plans that produce results.

  • Ethnographic, psychographic and demographic research
  • Industry analytics
  • Change management
  • Process analysis
  • Media & market research
  • Competition analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Marketing and product consultancy