Online Marketing

Get Your Web Strategy In Top Gear

The Internet has truly changed the way we communicate, share and store information – both personal and business. The medium lends itself  to new and evolving channels for marketing, sales, communications and branding building opportunities. Companies  with a dynamic interent strategy have successfully integrated the power of online marketing in their communication plans with outstanding results and ROI. Today online marketing has emerged as the most cost-effective, customizable and measurable marketing activity across diverse industries and consumer segments.

Ted Media provides innovative online marketing solutions to businesses and brands aiming to capitalise on the power and potential of the Internet. From Google Adwords and Facebook PPC to SEO, affiliate marketing, sponsored ads and contextual advertising we develop comprehensive research driven online marketing  campaigns that boost your internet strategy, online profile and revenue generation at a very optimised cost. Here are some key online marketing activities that we implement.

What we do for your brand online ?

  • Create a unique, functional and consumer-friendly web presence for your brands – Powerful and interactive web presence that provides easy accessibility, navigation and information on demand
  • Develop online marketing strategies to boost traffic and generate customers online – Services that connect your brand to your customers.
  • Implement targeted promotions/contests to reach, grow & acquire new customers – We help you develop exciting online promotions that translate into higher sales and new customers
  • Focussed, cost-effective and measurable online advertising campaigns – Use accurate measurement tools to track, measure, analyse and manage engagement methods and techniques
  • Multimedia consumer engagement using online, handheld and mobile platforms – Use accurate measurement tools to track, measure, analyse and manage engagement methods and techniques.
  • Track, measure & analyse your online marketing and strategy – Analysis that helps build on successes and eliminate failures