Mobile applications

Get Personal With Your Audience

With the rapid growth in mobile internet users, it has become imperative for companies to evaluate their strategy and methods of engaging mobile internet users. To have a dynamic web presence you must exploit the opportunity offered by the mushrooming growth in smartphone adoption around the world. We specialise in developing highly customised, multi-lingual mobile applications for B2B or consumer applications on the iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry platforms. With our extensive experience with Java, .NET Compact Framework, J2ME and C++, you get a solid development partner that can build your mobile solutions on time and on budget. Whether you need an application for retail industry, real estate, field service management, transportation, health care, financial services, construction, education or any other industry, we can create a custom, innovative wireless solutions for Smartphones and mobiles to meet the needs of your business and your clients.

iPhone Application Development

iPhone Application Development is an area where we have an in-depth knowledge and expertise. Today, businesses must attempt to tap into the opportunities offered by the world’s fastest growing mobile operating systems – the iOS. We provide quality iPhone application through our experienced team of iPhone Application Developers. Our strength lies in design and development of applications that seamlessly integrate with iPhone 3G environments. We bring extensive knowledge of Mac OS X platform, Xcode development environment/tool chain, and iPhone simulators.

Android Application Development

Google’s Android Operating System is proving to be a major competitor in the mobile device arena and is fast attaining the status of industry leadership in the mobile OS adoption. Currently it leads adoption rates in North America and is predicted to cross iOS in a decisive manner. At Ted Media, we create quality Android Apps with desired functionalities which positively impact the clients’ business prospects.

Blackberry Application Development

Blackberry has been the trusted mobile device of the businessmen for years. With advancements in other mobile devices and their Apps, Blackberry Apps too have experienced technological up gradations. Synergy is well qualified in Blackberry Application Development and we can help clients create feature –rich and powerful Blackberry Apps.

Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows 8 mobile platform is a game changer and promises to give the market leading mobile OS’s a run for their money. We are ready to develop exciting feature rich and functional apps for the Windows mobile platform.