Interactive Media

Engage And Impact Your Audience

To make an impression on a consumer has been a challenging aspect for any marketeer. Having said that, it has never been easier to achieve that with the power of interactive media that can be used on your website, in your presentations, in your social media activity and every where else where consumers interact with your brand. Using immersive rich media content featuring, animation, sound, music, and personalised interaction we help you capture and keep the consumers attention.  You’ve got to make your audience sit up and listen,  make your communications work across multi-media channels and mediums and finally  differentiate and position yourself away and above the competition.

We produce compelling and memorable interactive multimedia content that engages your audience at every customer touch point. With today’s broadband connections and data transfer rates, interactive web content is becoming increasing popular choice for businesses to talk to their audience in a manner that they will listen and remember. Talk to us today for powerful solutions that use the effectiveness of interactive media to achieve exceptions results. Some of our interactive media solutions include;

  • Virtual Web Video (humans that walk and talk on your website of  Facebook page)
  • Interactive Multimedia E-books ( virtual page turning publications)
  • Multimedia Business Presentations
  • Interactive Product Demos
  • Interactive CD – Rom Presentations
  • Streaming Video Presentations
  • Auto run Presentations for Exhibitions­
  • 3D Architectural Renderings.
  • Paper to CAD Conversion.
  • 3D Presentations.
  • Walk-through.
  • Fly-over.
  • 3D Modeling & Animation
  • Flash presentations
  • DVD-CD Rom presentations
  • Architectural animation
  • Walkthroughs