Facebook Applications

The Opportunity To Talk To A Billion Consumers

Facebook is today the largest media platform in the world with over a billion users globally. The social media giant offers unparalleled opportunities to brands and business to engage and interact with consumers like never before. It is however important that companies know and understand the means and methods that can be utilised on Facebook to achieve outstanding results and brand development. This is where we come in. Ted Media has over the recent years developed extraordinary content sharing techniques on Facebook that allow companies to take complete ownership of their Facebook space and create powerful, engaging and immersive interactive content that captures the attention and imagination of consumers and delivers a far superior social media engagement than has been conventionally possible.

Ted Media develops exciting multi-media Facebook applications that translate ordinary concepts and ideas into memorable experiences for visitors and help build unforgettable brand interactions. We make your Facebook page fun, memorable, functional and unique by converting your Facebook page into any interactive experience you can conceive by adding these interesting features to your Facebook page;

  • Share detailed information about your brand, product and business using interactive games, slide shows and presentations
  • Makes a powerful impact on visitors by offering animated design with sound, music, video and interactive content.
  • Promote your products/business using our professional lady presenter who will walk and talk inside your Facebook page
  • Create exciting presentations on your Facebook pages that launch automatically when the page is visited.
  • Change your Facebook page and update/modify/revise your content as often as you like, easily and simply.
  • Share your promotions, special offers with millions Facebook across the country

What we do for your brand on the Facebook platform ?

Develop your Facebook Branding & Design

  • Create an exclusive corporate branding and design for your business on Facebook

Create Engaging Interactive Content To Involve Your Customers

  • Provide detailed interactive information related to products and services that connect your brand to your customers.

Develop Offers/Promotions/Contests to Reach, Grow & Involve Your Consumers

  • It’s a fact: promotions build fans and followers and drive sales. Run best-in-class campaigns to build and engage your audience.

Track, Measure & Analyse Your Fan Base, Audience & Strategy

  • Access real-time metrics. Analyze user behavior, aggregate demographic profiles and viral campaign information.
  •  Key Social Media Marketing Activities

Interactive Facebook applications

  •  Product presentations, audio -visual content, animated slide shows and more
  •  Content, posts, feeds, news, articles and activity generation and updates
  •  Brand engagement activities for customer loyalty and brand development
  •  Facebook marketing campaigns, offers, promotions, contests, polls, quizzes and interactive games
  •  Demographically targeted campaigns for select/niche audience
  •  Social benchmarking and behaviour analytics
  •  Fan building campaigns
  •  Sponsored stories
  •  PPC Advertising

Monthly Content Development, Updates, Promotions and Facebook Marketing (optional)

  • Monthly/weekly updates of content developed by us your Facebook page
  • Add product images, marketing collateral, photos and videos to your Facebook site including site maintenance and administration.
  • Sourcing, developing and creating relevant content for your Facebook page
  • Developing promotional strategies, sponsored stories, contests, offers, promotions and customer engagement activities
  • Monitoring and analysing response, success rate, returns and campaign results

Facebook advertising campaigns (PPC) (optional)

  •  Create targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook related to specific products, offers and promotions
  • Build fan base and drive targeted traffic to your Facebook page
  • Analyse response, lead generation and return on investment budget based