Brand Management

Creating a memorable face for your business

A brand is a promise that delivers a distinctive message in the mind of the consumer. A brand must, in a simple way, deliver the values, beliefs, benefits and attributes of the company or product. It must reduce the complexity of the buying process. To build and protect a strong brand, the brand strategy must involve everyone and everything – leadership, product innovation, employee motivation, customer service, shareholder relationship, marketing communications, social responsibility, community service and vision. Altogether, their mission is to provide the values and benefits that make a company stand out against the competition, today and tomorrow.

But, even the most sophisticated brand system is worth nothing if it can’t be experienced. A brand is not about theory; it is everything about human interaction. The way values and ideas are expressed by words, visuals, emotions and people. And this is precisely the value that we provide to our clients; translating business strategy into sustainable customer experience, catalysing intangible benefits to tangible qualities by the means of consumer insight and strong creative ideas.

A key element of brand management relates to strategic marketing and positioning, which identifies how a client will win and sustain market share. It can draw on numerous communication disciplines to achieve clearly stated business goals using a combination of marketing and communications tools including advertising, branding, public relations, sales promotion, Internet development, advertising and event planning. Where are you in the food chain? We’ll help you determine where and how your products or services should be positioned regarding your prospects’ needs and your competitors’ claims. Are you the Biggest? Fastest? Cheapest? Proper positioning ensures you are going where you want to be.

Branding, marketing and positioning are often implemented as completely disconnected corporate processes or their specific duties a confused with each other. As well as both concepts differ in their strategic alignment – marketing is short-term, focused on quick response and extroverted, while positioning is the opposite – yet they share fundamental intentions: to convince to buy and to strengthen customer loyalty. Growing a business requires much more than just a slick magazine ad, it needs a deep, detailed and dynamic understanding of our customers and how to best position a client’s products to these customers. Synergy can recommend a complete strategic marketing plan that takes into account all these elements as they apply specifically to your business and your markets.

Ted Media can provide you with valuable insights and expertise in the following aspects of your brand development process.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand architecture
  • Brand attributes
  • Brand direction
  • Brand concept
  • Brand design
  • Brand language
  • Strategic marketing & positioning
  • Segmentation
  • Target determination
  • Consumer preference analysis
  • Demand analysis
  • Unique Selling proposition
  • Audience and market segmentation