Ideas, Expertise and Innovation

We believe in creating outstanding value for our customers. The internet is an ever-changing, evolving, opportunity and Information technology is a tool to capitalize on that opportunity. When leveraged correctly it can be used to solve business problems and create unique solutions. Our customers benefit from our experience, knowledge, and commitment to providing cost-effective, innovative solutions.

We aim to provide innovative, forward-thinking ideas and services to meet the emerging demands of our clients.  We utilize the full scope of our expertise, the depth of our knowledge and work with the latest and most robust development technologies available to provide our customers with a unique combination of reliability, value and performance.

  • Over 16 years of international communications expertise 

Our presence in the region spans over a decade. We understand our clients, our market and the cultural and commercial complexities of the region fully. This gives us an edge over our competitors and a clear advantage when we develop solutions and strategies that require an organic and informed approach to our work. Over the years we have worked with diverse industries and a cross-section of businesses to further strengthen and improve our work processes, methods and techniques to continue offering our clients, innovative and time tested solutions for all their online needs.

  • Committed to industry best practices

Successful communication strategies don’t just happen. Consumers, business environment and competition are all highly dynamic elements where the means and methods change often and fast. To be a successful service provider in this business, it requires a decidedly proactive approach to stay at the top and ahead of the latest technology trends in the industry. We promise and ensure that we don’t just develop top quality communication solutions for our clients but do it in the way that ensures optimum compatibility, conformity and compliance with global standards and best practices. Our work standards and ethics are measured to the highest standards and pertains to all areas of  our business. Whether it is online solutions, media, client service or specific elements of our services, we follow strict compliance and standards.

  • Developing  integrated Media Strategies

To fully capitalize on the opportunities provided by the World Wide Web it is important that businesses create and organically developed integrated marketing and communications platform. This necessitates a detailed analysis of your business objectives, leveraging the key strengths of your products and services, implementing your corporate communication and PR goals and creating an engaging corporate identity, brand personality and tactical activities.

At Ted Media, we understand the importance of developing integrated online marketing and communications programs for our clients with the objective of maximizing customer development, product experience, feedback, support and obtaining valuable customer insights and market intelligence.

  • Creating new opportunities in the digital marketplace

Traditional marketing has undergone a sea-change over the last few years. The rapid growth and consumer adoption of online shopping and E-commerce has made it increasingly easier and cost-effective to reach out to thousands of customers with online promotions, E-mail marketing, SEO and online promotions at very little cost. At Ted Media, we help our clients to understand, utilize and benefit from the tremendous opportunities that online stores and E-commerce websites have to offer. We develop tailor made E-commerce portals for our clients based on latest online trends, consumer behavior insights and market research  and enable them to develop a strong and rewarding online strategy that translates into more online customers, more  sales and more profits. We provide retail and/or B2B solutions that are both intuitive for the end user and easy for you to manage. Our flexible and feature-rich, E-Commerce solutions offer the scalability, extensibility and ease-of-use needed for businesses of any size and type.

  • Supercharge your online marketing strategy

So your company has a nice and pretty website. That’s probably not going to do much by itself unless you know what to do with your website and how to drive traffic to it, because without visitors, there are no leads and no new business. Driving consistent traffic to your website requires an ongoing and aggressive strategy that combines amongst others methods – search engine optimization, social media marketing, e-mail marketing, pay per click campaigns, data capture, content optimization, newsletters, web analytics and more.

At Ted Media we specialise in filling the gaps in your web marketing strategy by bringing together diverse resources, methods and techniques to analyses and then improve the quality, design, content, functionality and user interaction of your web presence and transform it into an interesting, user-friendly, dynamic and fun experience for the visitors to your site. Once that is done, we supplement it with a combination of techniques and methods that drive continuous and consistent traffic to your website and increase not just visitors but also potential leads, inquiries and interest in your product and services. And that’s not all.

We then analyses the traffic coming to your site, its origin and source, what visitors are doing on your site, where are they coming from, how much time they spent, which pages they spend more time on, what they did and a whole lot of other detailed analytics feedback that further helps us understand the behavior of our visitors and improve and tweak our web presence to achieve even better and more consistent results.

  • Powerful, innovative solutions for the mobile web

The mobile web has changed the game. With over five billion devices and counting, mobile and handheld devices have changed how communication and commerce take place on the internet.  Today, the Internet is mobile, it is free. But launching your mobile web without a clear strategy is a common mistake. Content deployment, location-based services, platform support – all of these require alignment with business needs, market trends, competition, brand messaging, online marketing strategy and user expectations.

With today’s smartphones, millions of us experience a rich user-interface and ubiquitous access to the web from just about anywhere we happen to be. In fact, right now, about 25% of site traffic on your existing website is coming from mobile devices. Our mobile web strategy for our clients entails multi-layered and multi-platform applications. Starting with mobile web designs that are customised exclusively for use on mobiles and tablets, powerful application development on iOS, Android and windows phones to create a native presence of your business on consumer devices, creating on interactive content to engage and involve consumers with our products/services and offers and promotions and finally developing new and unique methods to talk to our customers that little personal gadget we all carry with us at all times.

The future of the web is mobile and Ted Media helps you get a head-start in that personalized and lucrative segment with ease. If your existing website strategy does not include a mobile-friendly solution, talk to us today and experience the power of talking to your customers one a one to one basis.

  • ­­­­Maximize your social media presence 

Where else can you find over a billion users to connect with.

There is unprecedented opportunity right now to reach audiences and communicate with potential customers through social marketing. The key is to know what your objectives are and how social media can be used to achieve them. Social media optimization done the right way can bring countless benefits and opportunities to your company. At Synergy we have taken our time to learn the intricacies of social media, especially over the last 3-years of explosive growth that it has witnessed.

At Ted Media, we specialise I creating an extraordinary and noteworthy social presence on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Linked In amongst others. Whether you need to just build a deeper relationship with your customers, grow your brand awareness, create a multimedia channel for your products and services, create traffic to your website or just build a community platform around your business or you need unique, tactical ideas to reach out to consumers within your market place, we have the solutions for you.