Developing integrated media and communication strategies

Times tested solutions that guarantee results

To fully capitalize on the opportunities available it is important that businesses create an organically developed integrated marketing and communications platform. This necessitates a detailed analysis of your business objectives, leveraging the key strengths of your products and services, implementing your corporate communication and PR goals and creating an immersive and interactive experience for your online visitors.

At Ted Media we understand the importance of developing integrated marketing and communications programs for our clients with the objective of maximizing customer and sales development, product experience, feedback, support and obtaining valuable customer and market intelligence.

Traditional marketing has undergone a sea-change over the last few years. The rapid growth and consumer adoption of online shopping and E-commerce has made it increasingly easier and cost-effective to reach out to thousands of customers with online promotions, E-mail marketing, SEO and online promotions at very little cost. At Ted Media, we help our clients to understand, utilize and benefit from the tremendous opportunities that online stores and E-commerce websites have to offer. We develop tailor made E-commerce portals for our clients based on latest online trends, consumer behavior insights and market research  and enable them to develop a strong and rewarding online strategy that translates into more online customers, more  sales and more profits. We provide retail and/or B2B solutions that are both intuitive for the end user and easy for you to manage. Our flexible and feature-rich, E-Commerce solutions offer the scalability, extensibility and ease-of-use needed for businesses of any size and type.