About Us

Exceptional, breakthrough brand engagement happens when your message makes a customer feel engaged, involved and interested in what you have to say. Customers listen when they feel a brand is talking to them. Simply put – the advertiser or its agency are not in control of the message, the customer is.

Our mission is to solve business problems with strategic branding media and online solutions. Some solutions are better than others – the best ones seamlessly integrate branding, marketing, communications, creative, media and technology strategies. In its most effective form, advertising consists of IDENTIFYING and translating the essential qualities and strengths of a company and its products. ALIGN these values with the expectations of the key target audience. DISTILL the brand essence and positioning message in a creative, universal language. DELIVER consistently on the crafted strategy through orchestrated brand and marketing communications at all customer touch points. And finally LISTEN to the response and intelligence that echoes back and incorporate it back into the next plan.

With over 16 years of international experience, Ted Media has created a unique position in the marketplace as a dynamic, innovative and client focused full-service advertising agency.  With a rich pool of creative talent and a track record of outstanding, imaginative work we  are strongly positioned  to  provide local and global brands and businesses with  inspirational  ideas,  time‐tested  insights proven  expertise  and  for  superior  results.

The depth and breadth of our experience enables us to fully leverage the complex relationship between a business and its customers and thereby assist companies and products in attaining and exceeding their true potential in a competitive and rapidly changing market place. Our  expertise stems from having accumulated a deep and evolving insight of the region’s markets, opportunities and consumers, amass an in depth knowledge and understanding of our clients’ business, products and competition and then converge and combine these elements to create intelligent, innovative and compelling solutions.